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EGR valve location plz...


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Coming up to my MOT and due to short journeys in my diesel I decided to do a motorway run. I noticed slight loss of power in 4th and 5th where the car shakes slightly.

I am thinking it maybe a buildup of particles crap due to my short journeys, even though I have had my dpl filter removed. Or it maybe a stuck egr valve.

My EGR spray says to spray it in the Air Intake Manifold. Can on the pic provided tell me where the manifold is. (please ignore the circle) 20160506_140736.jpg

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What Focus model do you have, and what engine?

Also good luck not having a DPF as you may fail your MOT for not having it seeing as it was fitted as standard in the factory.

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To the left of the oil filler cap, there's a short concertina (squishy) pipe, that is the air intake pipe to the manifold which is right on top of the engine. 

I'm not sure how effective the EGR spray would be in there though, be more useful to remove the EGR and clean it properly.  Was the EGR disabled when the DPF was mapped out?

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53 minutes ago, voodoo333 said:

My EGR spray says to spray it in the Air Intake Manifold.

Like Tom says, on the 1.6, the inlet manifold is after that squarish concertina pipe.

But a couple of things to be aware of:

Make sure no dirt or small objects can be sucked into the engine with this pipe dis-attached. That would be Very expensive! A friend of mine had an engine wrecked when a little bolt went down the air intake. It was only a dumper truck, but it was still very annoyingsad.png

Don't rev the engine, the turbo compressor is unloaded, and could overspeed.

From that point the cleaner has to pass though the cylinders (exposed to the burning fuel), before it can get to the EGR. But that is how the cleaner is supposed to work, and I have heard claims that is does work. It would be interesting to know, so please post any results here!


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