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Morning all, got a problem I am hoping someone on here may be able to help with, hopefully an auto electrician.

anyway strange thing happened yesterday, went to turn the a/c on and nothing happened, it worked earlier that day it's not in need of a regas and there is no leaks.

but with this a strange thing, the recirc light won't come on, the lights on the front and rear window demist won't come on as won't the a/c on light.

 The dash lights all come on for the various bits, you know the ones the normal illumination, but none of the start lights/LEDs for those items do.

now when you press the front window  demist you can hear the relay clicking in and out, can't hear the rear one tho, have had a look at the fuses they all seem OK, am going to have a better look at the fuse panel under the glove box soon see if I have missed any thing.

Does anyone know if there is a relay I should check that I may not of missed or a specific fuse that may be the problem, everything else on the car works fine tho everything just these 4 lights/LEDs won't come on and it seems the a/c has stopped and the recirc motor won't do the recirc bit or light up.


have a good day all, it's rainy here in Cambridgeshire and miserable on the farm today.


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Have you tested the car battery? Is there enough volts when engine is switched off? Normally should be about 12.4 volts. 

When engine running, volts should be about 14.6 volts. 

Not sure what else it can be, or alternator not playing ball ? 

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