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MK1 speedo with DTC codes


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Recently my MK1 Focus' speedo has started to die and return to life during a drive, I did post before about this but the entire dash used to die (fixed with WD40 2 years ago - good as new since).


All other dials etc work, it's just the speedo going in and out.


I've just drove home in test mode and the digital speedo dies when the needle does. I've read this helps confirm it's a VVS issue.


The two DTC codes I have are 123 and 041.

Finally, the ABS light sometimes comes on (if the needle doesn't return after a few minutes and the milage lines out ---- ---).


Does this all look like a VVS as cluster works? Thanks!

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3 hours ago, smurf1242 said:

i know this isnt any help but  confused at the digital speedo part? this standard in your mk1 focus? mines just dials :ohmy:

Yeah, aha. I only found out earlier.


Hold down the trip button on your dashboard for 10 seconds, turn to position 2, keep holding down then fire the car up.  Keep pressing the mile reset button until 0000.0 (turns out that is a digital speedo!)

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7 minutes ago, artscot79 said:

the speedo going is a vss but the dashes also indicate a cluster fault or battery issue 123 041 aren't dtc codes

Thanks. If I got the VSS done that should fix the speedo but may still dash. I could live with that. Does the dashes generally lead to further issues if not sorted?


Their the codes that appeared when I tapped through the test mode on the dash.

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