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StreetKa T-MAP sensor location


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Hi all

First post here so thanks for any help you can provide :-)

I have a StreetKa which has trouble starting, not all the time but about 50% and it is rather irritating.

There are no engine codes and the garage that checked it over initially changed the sparks and leads, while this cured the occasional misfire it has not helped the fire-ups much.

Looking at the data from the T-MAP sensor, when it has problems starting there is a massive dip and then a massive spike followed by a slow gradient down in the absolute air pressure reading. I was hoping to find the T-MAP sensor and see if it needed a bit of a clean with some electrical cleaner, however I have not been able to find it in the engine (oops).

Any pointers towards where I need to look would be much appreciated.


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11 hours ago, CJAUK said:

T-MAP sensor

Stands for Temperature & Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. May be called MAPT sometimes or even just MAP (wrongly, if it has the Temperature sensing).

It is either screwed into the inlet manifold, or connected to it by a narrow hose. It should have a 4-pin (possibly more, but 4 is normal)  electrical connector.

I don't know how easy it is to see the inlet manifold on these cars, may need torch, mirror, or just feel(!) if hidden. It must be plumbed in somewhere between the throttle body & the engine.

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Map sensor is under the exhaust manifold front of the engine - its tricky to get out without removing the manifold but can be done if you use a micro screw tool and remove the air box etc - only two screws to remove - check pictures on my picture thingy on here it shows the sensor and location. I took mine off and gave it a good clean with CLEAR ACETONE or you can use carb cleaner - thats all it may need if its an intermittent fault - check it with a multimeter when the car is running or ideally a pocket oscilloscope , the waveform will tell you if its faulty although sometimes its pretty obvious when the sensor diode is burned up or wire is broken.


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That's the one! Thank you very much, appreciate it. Sounds like it might be a bit tricky to dig out but I will give it a go. I do have a voltmeter (sadly no oscilloscope laying around) so I will see if the sensor output is what the telem is showing.

I might be back on in a few weeks asking more details about it... :-)


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