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Mk2 Heating issue?!?


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Hi all and thank you for taking the time to read this thread and my issue, hopefully someone can assist me in getting this sorted.

A bit of background, only bought the focus a few months ago and tbh my first ford in years as ive been an avid vauxhall man .... anyways thoroughly enjoying the drive of the focus and performance she is giving me. I work from home and my car is my office, im in it usually 9 - 10 hours a day!

The issue I have is that she seems to be blowing hot air constantly into the foot wells and around the steering column. This is also with the airflow switched to off. It appears to be air being blown through the cabin from the front of the car hitting something hot, I am assuming the radiator? and then passing into the cabin!

I have managed to stem the flow by switching the airflow to the interior but obviously I have to do this everytime I start the car which can be 60 - 80 times a day!

I have also noticed that there seems to be no paneling in the foot wells so when i look under into the drivers footwell i see what you can see in the image ... is this correct?

There is a hell of a lot of heat comes of those two pipes to the point I have wrapped then in an old T shirt, crude but effective :)

Any help would be appreciated as this is the only thing I can find wrong with her.

Thanks in advance.


focus heat.jpg

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The heater matrix of the Focus MK2/Mk2.5 is permanently circulated with hot coolant. There is no heater tap on this system. On the cold position of the heater the air is guided around the heater matrix so the air remains cold.

In your case there seems to be something wrong. The flaps of the heater housing are the biggest suspects in my opinion. one or more flaps may be stuck in an incorrect position causing the issue.


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