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Rubbing sound from o/s front when braking


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I am getting a rubbing sound when braking, and it's been diagnosed as coming from the offside front.

I got Apec discs and pads fitted to the front about 3 months ago, all was good for 3 weeks, and then I started to hear a rubbing sound when braking, and also got vibration from the discs.

I took my car to a garage just down from the house, explained the problem to them, and they suggested submitting a warranty claim, and they would replace the new Apec discs with a set of new Dephi discs. As part of this work, they stripped down the rear drums, cleaned and greased as required, and cleaned the front of the car too. So the discs were replaced with brand new Delphi discs and all was good for about a month, and I then heard the rubbing again. So it was back into the garage, they cleaned out the front brakes again, greased where required and put the wheels back on. Lasted a bout a week, so it was back 9into the garage, he could see no reason why anything would be causing it, but he did suggest the carrier bolt was not threaded properly, so they re-threaded the carrier, and advised me to get it replaced. All was good for a couple of weeks, so when it was back in this weekend for a service/MOT they replace the carrier. All was good until yesterday (Sunday 31st July), as when pulling into a parking bay I heard the rubbing again.

Phoned the garage this morning, the mechanic is totally mystified, and what he has suggested is a new set of Delphi discs (warranty claim), and take it from there. He has suggested getting Ford to look at it, as there is nothing he has seen that would cause the rubbing. Everything has been cleaned, greased etc.

Sorry it's a bit of a novel, but I wanted to explain my problem.

Has anyone experienced this, does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

I cannot fault the mechaninc, he is trying everything, but I jyust feel we're getting to the end of what he can do, and I don't think another new set of Delphi discs will sole it.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Kind Regards, Iain.

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