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Thinking of selling my 1997 Mk6 1.6Si


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Hi folks, I am thinking of selling my 1997 Escort 1.6 Si as an ongoing project. It was put off the road just over 2 years ago and needs more time than I have to bring it back to life fully. It had lots of new parts just before I SORN'd it. 2 new front tyres, cambelt & water pump, wishbones, drop links, sill welded up. It has just over 70k miles on it, runs well, has had a service of oil, filter and plugs, spoiler resprayed, recon starter motor. I have new rad hoses, battery and Brembo front discs and Ferodo pads to be fitted. It starts and runs well, belt ider needs sorting as it sticks at first on starting and screams for a few seconds til it gets going, just needs running some more with a drop of maintenance spray. Drivers side rear wheel arch needs attention as it's rusted but not excessively as does the passenger lower sill join in the door area, possibly a small welding job. It's in Radiant red with the usual Si fixtures and fittings. Have original cd/radio and a I have a Goodmans radio/cd single din that I had in it. Paint wise it needs tlc, few tiny stone chips and some paint fade on the bonnet, nowt drastic and a hand size lacquer peel on the roof, front bumper looks darker (age related) than the rest as does the mirrors that I had to replace a few time so they were only rattle can sprayed. Everything works fine and considering its age and standing as long as it has is ideal for a project. As stated I just don't have the time or resources/facilities to get it all done and back on the road.

I am gauging what interest there could be and what sort of price to offer it for if I sold it as is, I will make a decision end of September as to what exactly I want to do.

Thank you for reading and any replies.





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Hi Shel

I have a '98 SI estate plus a '98 GTI estate (in red). I paid £270 for my SI and I'd say it was in far better condition than yours. Being a red 3-door would have added value a few years ago when there were those looking to make GTI replica's but I think that ship has sailed. 

On eBay or Gumtree with a long MOT you would be lucky to get much over £200. But, you never know, it could just be what someone is after.

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