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Timing belt kit question


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Hey guys, I purchased this timing belt kit along with this water pump to have replaced. It's a Focus MK2.5 petrol 1.6 (100 HP, not TiVCT).

According to Euro Car Parts these are fine for my car but some other sites are casting doubt as they don't show the timing belt kit. I'm fairly certain these should be right for this model but just thought I'd get confirmation from you guys.


Edit: The links don't seem to work because the forum adds a parameter at the end, just click the link then reload it after removing this part from the end of the URL:


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Doing some more digging, this kit seems to have the same tensioner as the recommended kit for my model on the Dayco site, and the belt spec is also the same (117 teeth and 22mm), however the kit I have is "high tenacity" whereas the kit specified for my model on their site is not. Would this be fine to use in a 1.6 petrol 100PS? If anything I guess it would be better? Any ideas?

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It was around the same price and is supposed to reduce wear, but my concern was whether it would be compatible with the car as the Dayco site recommends the non coated one for my model and recommends this one for the Focus MK3. But Euro Car Parts showed this as compatible with my car and generally they are trustworthy right? Plus it's the same size and tooth count as the MK2 belt so I guess it should work fine?

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