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Grinding under throttle pedal loss of power and shuddering


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In the last 5 months purchased a FORD  FOCUS SPORT S LIMITED EDITION  1798cc PETROL, 5 Door HATCHBACK and have been encountering the below issues and wondered if anyone had experienced the same or could advise me perhaps what it might be.

At idle the car is fine, starts first time and turns over fine. 

If I turn the steering wheel while stationery, nothing strange there either.

While driving at slow speeds in any gear i can feel a tremor or grinding under the throttle pedal, I only hear this while the wheels are in motion. If I stop the virbration/grinding ceases. There is no whining noise if i speed up or turn either. 

The car itself feels as thou it needs to change up a gear too early, like it struggles, so if i have the car in 1st gear i need to put it in 2nd gear too early in my opinion, if i am in 3rd gear and approach 30 miles an hour the car really needs to go into 4th gear as it feels as thou its struggling. Then if it drops in speed by 2 or 3 mph the car rumbles and shudders as if it needs more power. It is kind of fine again if you drop back from 4th gear into 3rd gear give it some pedal and get past 30 mph then you can drop it into 4th gear. While on the motorway its very noisy at 60 mph i mean 5th gear feels like its in 4th gear struggling. The car can go to 70 mph and stay there just sounds very loud. For a 1.8 car i have never experienced a car struggle so much. Also last point if i hit a small hole in the road the steering shakes and rubbles a lot until it settles, kind of feels like it bounces too much and is not rigid enough.

There are no other noises or faults and cannot see any leaks under the car as i park it in different places and check underneath the car. 

I am at a loss as to what this might be. 

Any advice and help is most appreciated. 

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