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aux cable length mk2


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hi all,

I have a mk2 focus and have finally got round to taking the glovebox out to search for the aux cable.. I have it! however the length of the wire with the aux socket on doesn't seem long enough to reach the front of the glovebox where traditionally the aux in put is.. does it actually reach once its been unwrap with the black electrical tape?

many thanks

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Thanks for the speedy reply artscot79 :)

just put in order for the aux-in socket to fit in glovebox from ford so haven't undone the cable yet.

do I risk damaging any wires to do with the passenger airbag when unraveling aux cable? 

Thanks again 


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Are you sure it's the aux cable you've found or the cable for a airbag deactivation switch?

It's highly unlikely that an aux cable is fitted and left tucked away unless the socket is fitted too.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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Stoney871, thanks for your reply 

I know that it's the right cable from one of your previous posts a mere 4 years ago! Here's the link...  

I have the top picture you show of the aux plug with 4 sockets in it! Do you think that by unraveling it to make it long enough to reach the front of the glovebox where the aux input will fit I risk damaging any airbag cables hidden in there? 

Many hanks for you reply and knowledge! 

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Hi guys, 

so I'm in the middle of putting the ford official 'aux in' into my glovebox in the proper place. I now have to retrieve the wire that I asked about previously.... At the mo it's tied up with electrical tape around a wire which has a felt/fabric cover wrapped around it do I risk any damage to this cable as I take of the black electrical tape? Paranoid about upsetting the passenger airbag :) 💨 


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I find this intriguing, I have a 57 plate zetec climate 

I had no idea about potential for a pre fitted hidden cable.  Looking at drawings "now" I see there could well be Aux 1 in block B and Aux 2 in Block C

I was after a male not a female socket anyway so I just bought an Aux cable for £4.99 off eBay for a CD6000 (KW2000) radio with aux button (not CDDJ). Took the radio out and saw there are 4 pins spare in block C of quad lock pins 5, 6 and 11 (bottom right of pic) but the cable can't fit, its twice the size of the hole so unclipped and slipped the part with the wires from a redundant bulky outer connector and then it pushes into place and clicks in, put it all back together connected a device pushed aux nothing happens.  Came in the house read the internet found two interesting posts. 

1) says go in menus and enable aux port.  This is rubbish there is no such menu

2) push and hold centre radio vol knob for 15 seconds and head unit will reboot and aux resets.  Did this and for a reason I can't fathom the aux now works faultlessly

also came across this site with lots of pin out info



quad pin out.jpg

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