P1102 Error Code (MAF Sensor Issues I Think)

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Hi Guys

Looking for info on the above error code I know its more or less related to the mass airflow sensor but before I look to replace it I want to be sure.

The code pops up now and again and isn't constant can go a week without seeing it and then once a day for a few days.  I would have thought if it was the sensor then it would be constant rather than now and again.

I have cleaned it with electrical contact cleaner (WD40 Stuff) then some isopropanol afterwards and it did seem to sort it for a while.  What I am looking to find out is there anything else I should be doing to clean the sensor before replacing it (As in leaving it in isopropanol overnight or something else) before biting the bullet and getting a new sensor.

Car is a Mondeo 2009 2.2 titanium x 94,000 miles ish.

Cheers in advance

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