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bluetooth buzz with rpm


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I recently got a new to me ford focus mk2.

I installed a second outlet in the glove box using a piggy back fuse into the rear fogs, I used the outlet to power a bluetooth receiver connected to the aux port in the glove box,

my problem is that even disconnected from the phone, whenever the radio is set to aux there is a very noticeable high pitch whine that seems to follow the rpm......

looking through the web I see that this is probably an issue with dirty power, is there any simple fix to this issue? 

thanks for any help in advance!

20160825_185717_HDR.jpg     $_57.JPG    20160825_185726_HDR.jpg    20160825_185711_HDR.jpg

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I also had this problem on my previous Focus MK2 and I have also seen it before on several other Focus MK2/MK2.5. I had a permanently installed rear seat DVD entertainment system whcih was connected to the AUX input of the radio. In my case the ground problem was caused by the DVD player itself (other sources connected to the AUX input did not have this problem). Rerouting or connecting the 12 Volt DVD wiring on a different location did not solve the problem. Even with the 12 Volt DVD wiring connected directly onto the battery the problem was still there. However after I connected the DVD wiring to an external battery the problem was completely gone. In the end I solved the problem by installing a decent quality ground loop isolator which solved the problem completely.


You should also look at the 12 Volt --> USB converter. These convertors are also known to cause interference.   

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Thanks for the reply! I am waiting for a better quality bluetooth receiver hoping that it will be able to filter the noise better, i have tried a different usb hub with no success. in the meantime im going to use a battery bank to power the bluetooth. can you recommend a ground loop isolator?

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