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Braking/bang noise


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I seem to have an issue with my focus 05 . i had my pads and brake disks changed about 2 months ago but the last few week i could hear a slight whirring coming from the left side when slight braking, my issue is the pictures attached on the passenger side of the car underneath, i was driving the other day and i heard what i can only describe as a bang under the car "thought id blown a tire" when i looked all four are fine so a little perplexed. I decided to have a look underneath and it looks i can see oil under a plastic looking box and on the axle, checked all the levels on the car and look fine, no leaking on the floor this morning, i will probably run it in the garage but any ideas will help! The car seems to drive and brake fine so I'm a bit lost.


Images attached!







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I've had my front brake pads replaced recently, and they are doing the same thing. Slight braking makes a weird rubbing noise with each revolution. I'll have to take a look underneath, but hopefully I haven't got a leak like yours! I do get a whirring noise as the cars speed increases, which I'm convinced is coming from the axle, bearings, etc, but Ford are saying it's just the tyres..... 

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Check your road springs.

When they fail they sometimes give a loud bang from that area.

Do this straight away because some modes of failure can have the spring displaced so far out of position that it can catch and rip open your tyre.

Other modes of failure can be found only after detailed inspection.


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