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Overheating and Losing Oil 2005 Ford Focus


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I have a 2005 Ford Focus which is giving me a bit of trouble. A few weeks ago the car started to overheat, I brought it to a mechanic and he put a new thermostat in and also told me it was very low on oil, it's my wife's car but I should have been checking it regularly but I forgot. That was only about 3 weeks ago and it started to overheat again today and again the oil was low. I thought once my mechanic filled the oil i wouldn't have to check it again for a good while.

The coolant appears to be at the same level and there doesn't appear to be white smoke coming from the exhaust and there isn't a leak as far as I can see. Is the car overheating because of the low oil and why is it burning oil does anyone know.

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Overheating  as you have had the thermostat changed could be that your radiator or cooling system may be a bit blocked depends on how often you have changed your antifreeze/coolant in the past. .A good thing to try is a radiator and coolant system flush (you can get this from any moterfactor shop) A good one comes in two or three stages it takes a few days to sort it as you have to leave it in for a while, but you may be surprised on how much rust and bits come out even with a well maintained system. That may work also check for any split hoses  or leaks but I expect you have already done that, worth a try some times water leaks can be small and hard to see more so on a hot engine as it soon evaporates. .As for oil loss well that's another story first thing would be to check for leaks or it could be something like valve stem oil seals or even worn piston oil rings depends on if your car is a high miler. Of course this is a guess as I can't see you car .Main thing at the moment check your oil level once or twice a week just in case save you any major damage.The other thing that springs to mind is a possible Head Gasket could be the reason for all your systems overheating and oil loss try a compression test.

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Sorry for bringing up an old thread but would using the wrong grade of oil cause the engine to burn the oil? I know it is supposed to use 5w 30 but think I remember a mechanic saying something about using a different grade of oil when he done my oil change.

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