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Dashboard Rattle


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Morning All, 


Firstly I'd like to say apologies for my second post on this matter, I'm struggling to resolve the issue and would be extremely grateful for any assistance.

The problem I'm having is rattling on the top on my dashboard, under the windscreen on my 2012 Ford Focus MK3 estate.

The best way to describe the noise is two pieces on plastic rubbing together. When i press my finger down on the top of the dashboard (near the central speaker) the noise stops. It seems to happen the majority of the time, although I've noticed it a lot more when the AC in turned on.

As you can see on the picture I've attached I've tried removing the central speaker and locating any loose bits on plastic / mental. but still not having any luck. 

I've also done A LOT of reading on this and people advising various fixes such as: 

1. "The noise is coming from the air vents under the dashboard."

2. "The noise is coming from the part were the windscreen meets the plastic dashboard cover."

3. "Try looking at the front pillar covers, that can rattle"

Again, apologies fore the second post but please if anyone has any ideas or has similar problems please let me know, I've had this problem for about 12 months now and it's driving me crazy!

Thanks in Advance, 







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Hate to say it but all of my Mk3 Foci have done this from various areas of the dash to different degrees.

Ford interiors rattle :(

I did have my garage try to sort it one my first mk3 Foci, they reckoned it was the padding against the windscreen, it did sort it for a while but came back again.

Unless it is really loud and loose sounding, there probably isn't much you can do. Pulling apart the interior just seems to loosen things more in my experience.

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Hey Alex, 

yeah I've read a few things saying it's the plastic and the windscreen making the nose, how did they fix it, more padding?

I know that's the last thing i want to do, I'll just make it worse off. 

Thanks for the advise though! 

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