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Bonnet Catch


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I knew changing the top grill was a bad idea. :sad:

The lock worked fine right up until the final push into the new grill as I kept checking it.

I can't work out how it goes back in though, I've read that you just push the inner white plastic back in but it just springs out again. :dry:

Have I properly !Removed! it or am I just doing it wrong?

Quick answers would be useful!


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Had to refit the old grill to get the lock to sit back far enough.  Bonnet opens and closes but feels really dodgy now.  Just hope it doesn't get stuck closed anytime soon.

Wish I hadn't bothered with the new grill now. :sad:

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Did you replace the daft wee bit of plastic with the modified one so it cant break? when I had mine out to fit the grill I took the moment to remove that shoddy piece and replace it, it feels a little more stiff then before but it works but


is the crap ford one



Is the upgraded part


from memory it just slid in in to the grill, I think there was some clips to hold it in place

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