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Focus Mk2 Face-lift Xenon Headlight Upgrade?


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I have a Mk2 Focus Face-lift and my drivers side dipped beam bulb has blown. I've been wanting to replace my light setup for a while now and I figured now might be a good time to look into it. I love the look of Xenon lights, they really give your car a modern look, and after driving my brothers BMW home one night I was really impressed with the visibility from them. However I know that Xenon lights require washer jets to maintain legality, I don't want to go through the costly hassle of doing Xenon headlights + Washers, I may upgrade the entire headlights with a Devil/Angel Eye with DRLs after a while, but not yet as i font want to spend £250+ on headlights. 

So, does anyone know of a legal way to get brighter lights? Maybe just a white-blue/white bulb kit that gives as close to a Xenon light effect as possible. And will it need anything else apart from an alignment? 

I really don't want to pay through the teeth for lights at the moment, but I just thought that if I could spend a little more money on replacement bulbs lights that give much better lighting, then why not.


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In England and Scotland its technically possible to pass mot with xenon modes but without the washers.  MOT says that they MAY come with washers and levellers, it does not say they must come, it only says that if they do come with washers then they must work, as long as the beam is patterns are good you should be ok.

I have a feeling NI has different rules tho.

You can probably get brighter normal bulbs but check if they say they are road legal or not, careful with those blue coloured ones, they might make it look whiter but may actually make visibility much worse

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