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Help with engine identification - hyda/hxda/ etc


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Hi Guys


Bit of a random one, I have a 2010 Caterham sigma. This uses a Ford Zetec Se (know as durance or sigma) 1.6 16v engine. Caterham adjust the timing of the engine to increase power to 125hp. The engines on this model are none VVT or Ti

My engine has had a set of piper cams, decked head, throttle boddies, larger injectors and a map, it RR at 149.6hp.

I have a problem with the car having excessive blow by and more than normal crank case/head gas coming from the vac pipes. Im going to rebuild the bottom end but I cannot identify my engine to order bearings or the correct head gasket.

Caterham grind the engine number off near the starter motor to get the motor to fit so I cannot identify the block.

When I did the headwork I fitted a head gasket off a HWDA engine but I'm not sure if thats correct? The bottom end of my block also has a floating liner setup which I've not seen on other bottom ends? My original inlet manifold had the throttle boddie on the right as the following picture.

The head in not VVT


Also, I've noticed that the pistons off the VVT engine have pockets cut outs due to varied timing,  they appear to have a higher compression height, if so will fitting some of those pistons in my bottom end increase the compression past 11:1? 

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Ford considers the bottom end of this type of engine non serviceable. Internal engine parts of the bottom end are not available as spare parts. In case of problems Ford prescribes to change the complete bottom end.

Some internal engine parts are available from the original manufacturers or aftermarket manufacturers. Other internal engine parts are not available or very hard to find. A few Years ago it took me over 4 months to get a set of pistons and rings.


Based on the pictures you have a later version of the 1.6 Duratec engine. This is a further developed version of the older Zetec S(E) engine. Both belong to the Sigma engine family. Early Duratec engines did stull have the closed deck engine block construction like the Zetec S(E). Later versions from about the 2nd half of 2005 have the open deck engine block construction.

The later versions of the 1.6 Duratec engines with the open deck engine block construction have the SHDA or SHDB engine code. Note that these are Focus MK2/MK2.5 and C-max engine codes. Other Ford models usually have different engine codes for the same type of engine.

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