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hi all I've had my 2007 Focus for just about a month now and I've just noticed there's not a "ticking" noise when the indicators are flashing.Has this been switched off somehow and can i switch it back on again?. What other alarm chimes can be switched on/off?

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not sure I can be bothered but a louder tick and a brighter blub would be some welcome modifications  The black Mondeo cluster is slightly better, not any louder but the black cluster allows the green indicator arrow to stand out more

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On 15/09/2016 at 10:28 PM, Stoney871 said:

The chimes and indicator tick come from the PCB in the instrument cluster.

If the ticking has suddenly stopped then there is a cluster fault, it can't be turned on and off.

Sent from my SM-G930F

Everything on the instrument cluster seems to be working, anything i should look out for? would a fault code reader show the fault?


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This is a quite common problem of the Focus MK2 instrument cluster.

All warning and indicator sounds are transmitted by a small speaker which is located at the back of the instrument cluster. This is a small SMD speaker that is directly soldered onto the circuit board.

The problem can be caused by either a defective speaker or the speaker no longer being controlled by the instrument cluster. If the speaker is defective it can easily be solved by soldering a replacement speaker onto the circuit board. A suitable replacement speaker can easily be found at an electronic component shop. In case the speaker is no longer controlled by the instrument cluster the cluster must be replaced or repaired to solve the problem.


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