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Reverse Parking Sensor Problem


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Hello - I'm new to the forum but i wanted to ask for some help please. I have a focus 1.8 Diesel 2008. Recenylu the reverse parking sensors have been a bit tempramental so I checked them all and the wiring seems fine etc. I noticed that if i bang it into reverse then they seem to work fine but if i just put it into reverse its very on and off whether they work. The reverse light is a bit hit and miss too.It's been suggested that it's a gear reverse switch does this sound about right ? I've had a look online for the location on the car which seems relatively easy to find and I've looked on Euro parts but there seem to be a few that asll look slightly different. Any help would be much appreciated.


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3 hours ago, Richard2552 said:

It's been suggested that it's a gear reverse switch does this sound about right ?

The light & parking sensor come from the same switch, so it is probably the switch.

The variants depend on gearbox, eg for MTX5 (5 speed manual) it looks like:


For MMT6 (6 speed manual) it looks like:


I often find the eBay vehicle type selector works well. But check with other sites / sellers to be sure.


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