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My Friends New Business - Ashford Classic Cars - Discounts within

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Hi Guys,

So, many of you have known me for a few years on here, others, may not have heard so much of me, recently I have been busy!

I have been with Ford Owners Club for about 7 years now, An Admin for around 3 or 4, and you can see by my profile, I'm not a "fly by night" kind of guy. I love this place, and have a good opportunity to get some idea's, to help the forum members, whilst also helping my friends business. I know this is a bit of a longer thread, but bear with me, I appreciate your patience!

I spoke with Forum management, and they are happy for me to advertise my friend's business here (within reason, don't worry I wont be pounding you with emails, and phone calls, and screaming at you to hit buy!!!) I am doing this almost as market research as well as getting idea's, as to any of you who would buy from him.

***PLEASE NOTE: The forum itself, is not directly affiliated with nor responsible for my friend. Ultimately that comes down to me to help him get it right, and, we will! ***

I have been working with a friend, and I am currently supporting him with his new business venture. I have been recruited as his Security Advisor, So I am supporting his operations involving Dash Camera's, Trackers, First Aid and Fire Safety (for now at least). I am donating my time, but anything to do with the car and Personal Safety is what I advise him on..Of course, being a friend of a business, and a representative of the club.... My first question to him was "What can we do to make both sides happy". The answer of course, is providing a discount, but to start with, not just any discount, but a very good discount.

So, what I am looking for is a gauge of interest with you guys, to see if you would be interested in getting these reputable camera's at a fantastic price, as well as supporting a new "local" business. Its not a corporation, its my friend who has started this business off his back, and wants to build it up. He is an enthusiast (OK, he doesn't own a thousand fords, but on a plus side, he doesn't own a vauxhall :D) and he isn't running this setup of his business to make his first million.

He is also opening a local garage with qualified and trainee mechanics, offering basic servicing, maintenance etc, maybe not necessarily full dealer diagnostics. This will be in the Ashford, Kent area. We do however have relationships with other long standing garages, so can always direct you as appropriate.

The company is called "Ashford Classic Cars"

Website: http://www.ashford-classic-cars.co.uk/ 

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ashfordclassiccars/.

I need to negotiate what sort of a discount he would offer long term to the forum. I have proposed the following prices to him, hoping he wont string me up, but to be honest, I think he needs to know there is the interest. ***NB*** I am still trying to negotiate, the prices wouldn't differ too much, but I am trying to get them as close to this as possible.

I want to get him to sell the following to you guys, and this is a deal for my brothers and sisters of this forum only!

Blackvue DR650 - Front and Rear dashcam: £300 

Currently, Dash Witness sell this for £299 for the camera only, whereas I want to try and get him to sell the full kit, for as close to £300 as possible




Blackvue DR650 - Front Camera Only: £200 

Currently, Dash Witness sell this for £299 for the camera only, whereas I want to try and get him to sell the full kit, for as close to £200 as possible




TK102 Tracker from Rewire Security: £42, for tracker and hard wire kit.

Currently, Rewire Security sell this for £49.99 for the tracker only, I want to get him down to as close to £40 as possible



As I say, these are strings I am trying to pull with him, he is a one man band (though I am donating my time to help him succeed) and these sorts of prices are those which I can't see these getting too much cheaper. I am aiming for at least 10% discount on the rest of the site products for you guys as well, so browse around and see your thoughts.

If you have any idea's of products you would like to see him stock, let me know, and if we can get these for a discounted rate as well, I think it would be a great opportunity to share these with the forum. All I ask is this, let me know on this thread if you would be interested (I promise, its non committal, not a guarantee, and certainly no obligation).

If you don't have the availability to buy now, but just want to share your thoughts, or suggestions, or even just feedback about what we have at the moment, please share this also below. Feedback on mass could well cover the things I have not covered with him (or at least, not that is publicly visible)

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you would allow my friend the chance to work for you, but of course, if you have any questions or feedback otherwise, my IM is always open.


Anyway, thats the advert, the deals are still to be struck, just tell me what you think, and more importantly "would you buy?"

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I might be interested in several of the trackers (possibly as many as 4)

Automotive fire safety?  As in autonomous engine bay fire extinguisher systems?

On the dash cams, I've already got my Lukas two channel system but I might be interested in a single channel "Taxi" type interior dash cam, should he stock those, to run independently of the Lukas.


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Well, I am working with suppliers to try and find some, so if I am on the same lines, do you mean a driver facing camera? if so, I can always take a look?

As for the fire safety, we are stocking standalone extinguishers, but depending on the demand for them, its something we can look at!

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I have just had a look, and to be honest, I expect they would require a minimum order, and would require a full training certification. I am not entirely sure if he would have the resource for it, and I cant say the market is likely to be there, primarily as they are aimed at racing vehicles, I dont know what my friend would think, but he knows classics better than I do, but that said, the worst I can do is suggest it!

I will never the less chat with him and see.

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Hi Guys,

Well, we are making some progress with my friends business and he has been sellng a few products and has given us a discount for purchases through his webstore.



Here is a voucher code for use, please feel free to have a look and see if anythng is of interest!

If you have any suggestions of anything you think would be good to add - please do offer!




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I have one of these trackers and they are spot on,had it for a good 2 years off the same place but they have shot up in price since i had mine.

I use the Lycamobile sim as i was told to get,i put £10 on this sim about 1 year ago and still have £3 on it,great bit of kit,even online tracking is good.


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Yeah been using mine for a couple years now, moved onto giff gaff as lyca annoyed me

Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk

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