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Ford Focus Zetec S (Brand New) SYNC Question?


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Hi All,

Just a curiosity question here, decided before Ford make the change to the "ST-Line" idea to get in on a decent deal with a new Focus Zetec S.

Managing to pick one up from the dealership brand new, not been registered yet (getting sent up here on a flatbed), however what nobody can answer me is the SYNC system. I have a choice between the Sat Nav or the Non Sat Nav models.

Drove a Vauxhall Corsa SRI from work the other week and it has the Intellilink system so that your phones functions (Google Maps, Spotify etc.) all work on the 9" Touchscreen. I understand this exists on the Ford's via 'AppLink' or 'SYNC 3'.

If I pickup the Focus this Saturday being as its brand new, is this going to have SYNC 3 on it? If not is it up gradable (I'm assuming its just a software upgrade)? If not is it worth me just getting the Sat Nav model?

Cheers Everyone.


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13 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

Sync 2 does NOT have applink in the UK/EU.

That will be US spec.

Sync 2 does have app link but it does not work. I have it on my sync 2  built January 2016

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