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Diesel low power in cold weather


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9 hours ago, simcor said:

A turbo charged car running well in the colder weather should really feel much more lively off the mark, cold dense air is excellent for turbo engines, mine is great when the air is cold and dense. Feels like a different car when it's cold.

Something does not sound right to me.

Once off of the cold map yes... it only lasts a few minutes and is fine after that.  I cant tell you what temp it switches as we all know the temp gauge is just lies anyway lol.


Changing the glowplugs isn't simple on these.  You need to remove the scuttle panels and engine cover for access.  Then they're quite deep down the back, I had to kneel across the engine lol.  I was warned by a few garage mates NOT to change them as they snap fairly often...just that day one of them had the head off a DV6 after he'd snapped one lol!  Anyway, the engine malfunction light was on and it was stuck in limp mode so I had no choice but to change them...  Then found they wouldn't come out with any tool I had, deep 8mm socket or spanner etc, had to buy a proper glow plug socket to do so...which meant putting everything back together and driving across town to Machine Mart (with no plugs, which didn't make any difference lol).  With the new ones in...there's no light or limp but other than that there is no difference at all!  They had completely burnt out time I changed them, even had a mate check them as I couldn't believe there would be no resistance there at all.



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fuel filter prices are silly high, 100 quid for parts and labour is probably about right, the filter costs about 50 quid alone!

as for priming it, its easy once you get the hang of it, just don't let any air go down to the HP pump, what normally happens is that you change it all over, connect it up then turn it over which sucks the last of the fuel out of the hose going in to the HP pump, once that happens the pump just sucks air. you need to keep that hose full to the brim before connecting it up.

Ive never had any luck with those inline pumps, so a small syringe will do the job nicely.

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In my case this glow plugs preheating takes rather long, even with the new battery. I meant to ask what would be the normal time, but I guess I'll first follow the test to see whether they're working at all: Ford Focus Mondeo Transit 1.8 TDCi Glow Plug Diagnostics and Replacement.

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