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Blanking off EGR?


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Hi Peeps,


I've been intending to clean out my EGR and Maf sensor then I stumbled across some people blanking it off with a plate to keep the intake manifold cleaner. Some say it can improve running, reliability and mpg.


Any thoughts whether I should instead of cleaning the darn thing!

1.8tdci 146k

Was thinking of this puppy:  EGR plate.



Cheers 😁😁😁😁😁

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hello matty , last diesel i had was a toyota estima , and it was standard practice to blank off the egr valve . easy job as its just a plate . having sooty deposits clogging up an intake cant be good for an engine as it only wants fresh air and lots of it to keep it happy . my advice is to blank it off , but its your choice . 

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Hi Cmosser. Thanks for the advice! Think I will blank the blighted off. Sounds like an easy good mod! Silly emission regs! Cheers. I want to clean the inlet manifold too but removing it seems a pain on my motor. Might try and do it in situ if feasible. 


Thanks again!

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