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Still chasing oil leak!


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Hello again 

Slowly sorting out the problems on my daughters elderly Focus mk2 Tdci with much help from the experts here! I thought I had sorted the oil leak around the injector tubes and had put it down to an ill fitting breather box gasket allowing a weep onto the top of the cam cover casting. However, having replaced the proper moulded lip seal which sits in the plastic breather valve housing with a length of 5mm o ring cord and super glueing it into the original gasket groove, the signs of oil pooling around the injector castings have reappeared. I'm pretty certain I've cured the leak that was coming from under the black plastic breather cover and now think it must be the circular seals that sit inside the cam cover and seal around the injector tubes (about 25mm diameter).

Can anybody tell me if you can get these 4 seals on their own or only as part of an injector kit including the copper injector seat seal and hard plastic spacer down the injector tube? Had a look on YouTube replacing these seals (not the copper ones) and looks like you need a suitable dolly to spread the seal lip so as to get it down over the injector tube. Anybody any tips on this?

Apart from that all going well and slowly ticking the problems off. Need to tackle glow plug error codes next but having read the nightmare experiences of replacing the actual glowplugs think it may be best to leave them be. Don't fancy taking the head off if one shears off when trying to get them out. From what I read here sounds like these engines will start ok down to pretty low temperatures without glowplugs but a bit spluttery.

Thanks for a great forum and night reading!


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