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I'm new to this and would love some help,

Right I have a 2010 ford focus zetec 1.6TDCI, the problem I have is the engine malfunction light comes on and goes into limpmode. The light goes off if I turn the engine off and on but sometimes stays in limp however if left for a minute or two before restarting it's back to normal. we've had three diagnostic tests done no codes have been found also go it done when light was on still nothing. We have also noticed that once outside temperature is below 14degrees it happens but doesn't seem to when over. Any ideas?? Thanks in advanced

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dash cluster fault either caused by broken or fractured solder joints or condensation on the circuit board or a break in one of the dash cluster wires...im afraid it gets worse not better if that's the case youll get the symptoms you have random engine lights limp modes no codes but restarting fixes it as it gets worse youll try to restart and it won't takes half a dozen turns of the key..fortunately there are cluster repair companies who can fix it for very little search dash cluster repairs in youre area they'll pop it out diagnose fix for about 99-140 pound take it to ford pay at least 600-800

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