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Parking Sensors for MK2 Focus 2010 Estate


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Hi all

Just purchased a Focus 2010 Estate 1.6 tdci Zetec (110bhp, DPF) with factory Sat Nav/bluetooth, rear privacy glass and i assume this is a MK2 yes?

one thing it doesn't have is rear parking sensors and would like to fit some, just the audio type will do but needs to be reliable.

ive looked at the guide thats on here but that is for the MK2.5, will the MK2 have the circles pre done on the rear bumper too?

i don't mind the electrics sides of things but its the drilling that im not sure on and getting it accurate

im based in Manchester iif anyone knows any decent fitters? or any links to decent set would be great



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I have fitted three after market back up sensor kits to my my Focus hatchbacks as they passed through my hands. 1 Mk2 and 2 Mk2.5's.

The first one was 3 years ago and still working well.

This is the seller I purchased from and he still sells them here


Lots of other colours are available.

As for the location on the bumper, if you carefully look at the inside surface of the bumper you will see lightly marked location rings about 25mm in diameter showing where the hole should be drilled to fit the sensor. You might have to wipe off 5 years of accumulated dirt but they will be there OK. So long as you drill somewhere close to that position you will be fine.


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56 minutes ago, bigup said:

i assume this is a MK2 yes?

I think a 2010 model will be a Mk2.5. If the front looks like the pic in my sig line it's a Mk2.5.

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+1 same as sean here for the ebay ones.

I have a set from eBay I fitted and 3 years later still going 100%, Just a tip the silver ones you see prepainted are a very very close if not an exact match to the moondust silver focus, I have these and they are perfect for the bumper. Also like sean says you can always paint them if you cant get a close enough color. :smile:

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Took a look under the rear bumper today

there is a big metal bar going across is so was unable to check the centre of the bumper for the circles.

but I think I spotted one of the end ones as there was no metal bar in the way, so I think it does have them

would I need to take the rear bumper off due to the metal bar and is there a guide on how to do this ?


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On 15/10/2016 at 8:21 PM, bigup said:

would I need to take the rear bumper off due to the metal bar

Removal of the bumper is very easy on the Mk2. I suspect Mk2a will be similar. This is for the estate, but other versions are similar.

There are two bolts each side inside the rear wheel arches. The car probably needs jacking up for access, but usually the wheels can be left on. Inside the wing, behind the wheel arch liner, there is one nut on each side to remove.

If you have a towbar, the ball hitch will have to be removed.

If there is an existing parking aid, then an awkward to get at connector is located under the floor, just below the module.

Then there are two bolts inside the tailgate aperture, and two (scrivets I think) under the back of the car. The bumper is light enough to remove on your own, but a bit awkward & floppy. The Mk2a one has clips alnong the top.

Removing this is essential really, to allow drilling & wiring up of new sensors.

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