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New Key and programming - where do i go?


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my Focus 210 came with one key and id like to get a spare sorted for it

what do i need to do/buy, cheapest route ideally!





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21 hours ago, bigup said:

Focus 210 came with one key and id like to get a spare

There is no cheap and easy way to get a key for a Mk2 Focus, unfortunately!

There are 3 sections in a Ford key, that are almost independent:

1) The remote control. The fob with the buttons, battery & circuit board. This operates the central locking and the audible alarm.

2) The blade. This is a backup for the central locking, and it also fits in the ignition barrel to disengage the steering lock & turn the ignition switch.

3) PATS: This is the immobiliser. It is a little capsule in the key, separate from the remote control. A sensor coil around the ignition lock barrel powers this unit, and determines if it is valid. If so, the car will be allowed to start.

A new remote control part is cheap and easy. It can be re-programmed in the car using a simple procedure given in the owners manual.

The blade is easy, go to TImpsons, or any good locksmith. Will cost a few pounds.

The PATS part is intended to be difficult. There are 2 or 3 ways to get this part working:

a) Go to a garage that has Ford IDS, and they will charge you lots. Sometimes they will only programme keys they supply.

b) Use Forscan, a DIY diagnostic & service tool. It needs a windows laptop (for PATS), and an ELM237 adapter costing about £15, but the software is free. However, the procedure is quite complex.

c) Some suppliers claim to be able to "clone" the PATS capsule in a key. This is also a fairly expensive option, but cheaper than Ford. It can also cause problems with the "number of stored keys", below.

It is only possible to start the car if at least two (different) keys are programmed in to it. If you have only one key, then another key existed at sometime, and may still exist, that can start the car. Forscan can add additional keys. Individual keys can not be deleted. If a key is stolen or lost, and you want to erase it, then Forscan must erase all keys, and you will have to re-porgramme at least two different keys to the car before it will start. A "cloned" key will not count as a different key.

It does seem that keys can be added (without erasing all keys) if only one working key is available. I have seen a couple of reports claiming this.

The PATS part of Forscan needs to be used with care, taking steps to ensure everything works ok, and all keys can be recognised reliably, before erasing keys. Otherwise an immobilised car can result. As I said, it is not easy.



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simple and cheapest is call a mobile locksmith who does cutting and programming some timpsons can't cut the flat blade keys and many refuse to cut cheap keys you need the whole lot new fob new transponders new key cut and programming a decent genuine fob on eBay with blank key and transponder £40 then the rest £60 or more or a locksmith will do the lot for about the same

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