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Cam Belt change???


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Hi guys,

Does anybody know if it's absolutely critical that when replacing a cam belt on these models one has   to use all the special holding tools, support engine, disconnect mount and remove the cam sprocket to re-set the timing? Or is it possible to line crank/cam up with timing marks making it sufficiently accurate? Please only say if you know for certain either way or qualify any conjecture.


Cheers! 😀😀😀😀😀

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which engine are you refering to? the 1.8tdci in your profile? i ask because quite often cars are changed but profiles not. 

if it is 1.8tdci , then you can mark the pulleys and mark behind for reference fine. using tools  is required when stripping engine  down further then reassembly 

you will need to support the engine, remove top mounting and studs, so you can get cover off(just 4 bolts holding cover on.)

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 Hi Ian,


Thanks for the reply mate. Yes it's tye engine in my profile 1.8tdci 01 plate, lynx I believe. I actually took all the bolts of the belt cover today and of course couldn't remove it completely due to the aforementioned engine mount. Thanks for answering my questions unfortunately I do not have the kit to support the engine. I did a visual inspection today and it looked 'OK' to an untrained eye.

Thing is, it has 147k on it and I've had it for 5 months, even though previous owner said the belt had been done recently, I'd like to have a bit of peace of mind. Do you know if it's an interference or noninterference engine?

Cheers bud.



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