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Focus mk2.5 ride height advice.


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Hi all, i have a 2010 Zetec S, how can tell what the ride height is, and is there a different ride height between my car and a Focus St.

Cheers guys 👍

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The ride hide can be identified by measuring two things. If you can remove the wheels you can measure along the absorbers.

If you are like me , then you take a nice ruler that does not scratch your fender. You place it on the edge of the fender and let it drop to the centre of the rim. Your measure point is centre rim up to the edge of the fender.

This ghetto way of measuring works and will allow you to see your ride height. As I am not clear on which ST model you refer too, I do believe that car is lower than most normal fords from factory. I do not believe your Zetec S is as low as an ST.

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Thanks mate, so a piece of string maybe from the wheelarch to the centre of the centre cap will give me a value, all i need now is for someone with a facelift (08-10) ST, to measure theirs and i can compare readings, 👍

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