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Disabling alarm Focus Titanium 2013


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my new Focus's alarm keeps going off. We're also getting a sign about the bonnet being open so perhaps that is the problem. Is there anyway of disabling the alarm until we can get this sorted? I don't want our neighbours to hate us. NB, it's a 2013 car, not 2016. Not sure why it says that. 


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Sounds like the bonnet sensor is malfunctioning.

Try blasting around the lock mechanism with WD40.

Other option is to splice the sensor wires together to bypass the switch but on a 2016 car should not be necessary.

Your dealer would also be unlikely to touch the problem if you alter the wiring yourself.

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I also saw this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stnVta2ip9g - which suggests a lot of cars have a button inside the car that you press for 3-5 seconds and that disables the alarm. Is that true of the Focus? I couldn't see one around the bonnet release. 


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