Considering a B-Max for the wife

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Afternoon all,

After taking the wife citreon in for its service and it being covered in oil and generally going to cost me a bomb soon I thought we would look at a new car for her. After being incredibly happy with my Ford S-Max that I brought from our local Ford dealer several months ago we took a visit there and we have found a couple of B-Max's they have. Her requirements for a car are something fairly small that is practical to get two kids in an out the car and take our big double push chair (which rules out lots of small cars)

At first looks this B-Max is perfect for us not only is it small and practical but the way the doors open in a tight car park looks like it will be really easy to get the kids in and out. Its a 2013 model with under 20k miles petrol 1.0 ecoboost Titanium.

Does anyone have any comments on this car? Is it as good as it looks?



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Thanks for the feedback much appreciated.

They have two on offer a Zetec and a Titanium same year very close in mileage but the Zetec is a grand cheaper. But she would really benifit from the parking aids being a bigger car and I like the upgraded stereo so I think its worth it. Might even try to budge the dealer on the price but I doubt they will looking online its fairly on the mark of price.

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