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How to fit an AUX in to a Focus '05 Zetec Climate


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Just got my first car today, 2005 Focus Zetec Climate 1.6. Unfortunately it doesn't have the aux input, how would I go about getting it fitted and would I be better off replacing the radio? Also any links to guides/parts you can recommend would be great. If you need any more info about my car let me know. Thanks!

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You could fit the standard AUX socket which tbh is rubbish, too much movement in the socket parts cause crossed channels and loss of sound.

Standard kit is Ford part (finis) code 1426121-


An option I had on my MK2 which works much better is to fit a socket into the demister switch panel-



The USB is technically defunct as the standard Ford Visteon radios do not have an USB socket but you can make the USB into a handy charging port for phones, gps or dashcams.

My guide on how to do this-


I manufacture the 12v power supply piggyback sockets to order if you fancy one or someone has started making and selling them on eBay too (although I am biased to say that mine are more professional and tidy) -



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