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Ford Focus - Evaluation Price?


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Hey guys,

Just wondering how much you think I could sell my Focus for:


Ford Focus 2009 1.6 58 Plate ("Rare" 3 door version looks more sporty)

48k Mileage

  • Raid HP air filter
  • Complete Bastuck Exhaust System(Bastuck straight pipe, Bastuck Main Silencer, Bastuck rear duplex exhaust exit)
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Custom made air snorkel
  • ST alloys
  • ST Bumper
  • bluetooth fitted
  • dashcam on engine ignition
  • Red Gel Badges
  • Uprated Discs(with holes)
  • Uprated brake pads
  • Carbon Fiber radio wrap

Always been maintained with the highest quality parts(iridium spark plugs,Magnatec 5w30 A5) and regularly maintained









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Based on similar cars I went to see I'd say around £2650 - £2800, with it being a 3 door it narrows your market slightly as most families would prefer a 5 door. The mileage and servicing goes in your favour, black though is a marmite  colour, you either like it or you won't.

If you can find a buyer that specifically wants a 3 door in black then you could get slightly more, if you were putting it on autotrader start it off at £3250 and see what happens, you can always lower it later on.

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On 10/24/2016 at 7:57 PM, Rainydays said:

Sad but true. The amount of money we spend to make them perfect will never be recovered when we sell them :(. 

True. Thank you guys. Anyone else?

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no one can give you an accurate number fella , values can change month to month.

but what you need to consider is with all those mods done to your car , its  unlikely to get standard insurance which will reduce your potential buyers by a fair few.

and your location is I.O.M.  yes ?

are you going to be advertising it for sale on the UK mainland or just IOM ? will they have to collect & ferry it ?

lots to influence your price...........

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