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Plug in wifi signal booster advice.


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Which is the best wifi booster that plugs into a socket and takes it from the house wiring i think.

I have 1 room upstars that the wifi is low of nothing so have to use lead but i would like wifi but aint got a clue which one as there are so many and have a few

things to ask about them.

  Is it right that they run through the house wiring to get the full signal and how.

 Will the router i have still work 100% like it wont change any setting on that as it works fine.

can the plug be pulled out to use the plug or will it need to be reset again when i put it back in.


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Any one who can give me advice,what i want to do is put plug in booster into the wall and plug the Ethernet lead into it where i have a very bad

signal so then i have 100% signal in that room being im going from the cable in the room and wifi output or the one where it comes through the house wiring

i think.

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First things first these things depend on the quality of your houses wiring. If it's really old it's going to drop out a lot. Secondly, make sure you've only got one ring in the house (most houses are).

I personally use TP-Link WPA-4220 and they work fine. You plug one in next to your router, and run a cable, then the other one upstairs or wherever and it provides you with two ethernet ports and wifi.

You can step up one and they'll allow you to use it as a plug socket still, as my ones still take up a plug socket. 

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