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1st detail


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As its gone a bit quiet on here, thought I would post a copy of the write up I did for detail world on my 1sr attempt at a detail. Goes on a bit, but hope it's of interest to some.


Spent the day giving my car a good sorting. Decent weather and a bit of R&R time.
Also washed my wife's car too. (Thought it best)
Followed the running order above.
Had bought a hose pipe yesterday, thought it would be a good purchase. Glad I did.
Sorry didn't take any pictures.
Had a bacon buttie and a brew and started.
Rinse, washed both cars, 2b with poor boys slick, sheepskin mitt, used brush and mf mitt on wheels. 
1st problem, an ounce of shampoo? What? !Removed! yanks.
Guessed it.
2nd problem.
Wheel brush a bit big to clean some small spaces, need to look at that for next time.
Next the 2 things I was unsure of.
Fallout. Used on wheels and bodywork.
Not much reaction on either?
clay mitt (Faricia) again not much obvious to show?
Did on the wife's tho'and got a lot of reaction.
Hers is a 10 year old with some recent over spray on the rear wing, which the dealer left after they re sprayed the tailgate, prior to purchase. The mitt cleaned it up nicely.
Wash, rinse and dry and QD. 
Car looking good. Lunch.
Quick vacuum inside.
Poor boys black hole.
Nice finish, slightly disappointed at some small scratches, blemishes still visible. Paintwork looks great tho'.
Natty blue paste wax.
Thought it would be a paste not hard?
Still again nice finish both products easy to use and happy in general with the end product.
Then wife in panic mode, not been shopping for 24 hours!
Wants me to go with her, suggest she takes her car, but means moving them around as I am blocking her in, so went shopping, glad in the end as was a bit of a break.
Last things wheels and trim.
Had poor boys wheel sealant. The info said wheels best cleaned and waxed. 3rd problem, oops no wheel wax. 
Put some natty blue on?
Wheel sealer, more like I thought the wax would be, soft.
Wheels ok but found some blemishes and scratches in the alloys.
Trim reaper. Fab stuff.
Did the black outside and inside trim looks great and smells good to boot.
Tidied up, in time for tea, just going dark.
Need to wash the cloths, towels and pads I did use, possibily over bought cloths and towels, but hey ho they will come in next time. Used a fair bit of QD, so will need more.
Will give wife's car a proper do in spring, now I've got a bit more confidence. Hers is grey metallic, so not sure if the wax and glaze I have will suit? Needs a bit of touching up too. 
The car not her!
All in all enjoyed my first "detail", happy with my days work and will look forward to next one, may leave til spring now.
Probably need to concentrate a bit more on wheels, but need to sort blemishes and scratches, so will have to look into my wheel insurance and get some smaller brushes.
Presume I can wash and use QD in between details? Most product have plenty left, just QD need to get more.
Went for poor boys stuff in the main as forums in general seemed to show reasonable quality, price and easy to use for newbie's. 
Now I've got a hose may look at snow foam too.
Any newbies have a go, promise you won't regret it.
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