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Replacing sway bar links, wrong size!


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I have a mk2 2006 1.6 focus, going over small potholes on the left side the car would rattle and shake for a second, I looked up online and decided to replace the sway bar links, life happened meaning  they've been sitting for 3 weeks only just been taken out the package to be fitted, only to find that the new set are significantly smaller . . . Is the size important? Which new ones do I order? 


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It's a moog k80066 from the US would the US cars use different parts maybe? There not sold as for lowered cars, its marketed as a problem solver as it's more robust than stock, when I was researching I found this was mentioned in a lot of places, probably should have checked they weren't all US sites 🙈      (could anyone possibly link me to a decent pair that will fit? ) 


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