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Power / Temp Issue ST170


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Hi Guys,

Been trying to resolve this fault now for a while but no such look.

So around 6/7 months ago my ST170 started to loose power and gargle when trying to pull away in 1st / 2nd gear, putting my foot to the floor seems to then wake the car up and it springs back into life...

I noticed the temp of the engine and the oil goes up and then on any long straight it starts to decrease again. I was wondering if because of this the ECU sits in limiter mode? I've replaced the engine temp sensor at the weekend, and the car does seem to warm up faster however it still drops down on a longish straight.

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance! 

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I don't know about the problem with the power but the temp dropping on a longish straight does not sound unusual. If on the longish straight you are not working the engine particularly hard and there is good airflow through the radiator then it is perfectly possible that the air flow is taking more heat out of the radiator than the heat being created by the engine.

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