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Unknown sound around driving belt


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I have a 2009 Ford Focus hatchback (1.8 TDCi, 115 hp, left side wheel car) and I have two problems.
I posted a video on youtube so you can get a better idea of the problems I am about to describe. The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmG1OfX7EaY
It would be greatly appreciated if someone can help me with some advice / ideas about what the cause for these problems can be.
The sound for the first problem it's more obvious between 0:11 - 0:16 | 0:22 - 0:27 | 0:38 -  0:50.

The first problem I discovered at approximately 90000 kilometers and it's a sound coming from the driving belt area. Now I have 132000 km and the sound hasn't changed at all. It hasn't gotten better or worse and it's noticeable only when the car is idle (no music and the A.C. it's off) and maybe if you are listening carefully. When I first went to my local Ford dealership they said they don't hear any noise and that the engine just gets louder in time and it's nothing to worry about, but this sound is driving me crazy because it wasn't there before and it's been so long since it's there, I notice it immediately.
I thought that this noise will disappear when I will change the driving belt, but it didn't. At 130000 km I changed the driving belt, but also the water pump as it started leaking and the A.C. compressor that started making a very weird noise. All the parts are original and the repairs were done at my local Ford dealership. 

The second problem, I just found it. Puffs of air coming from where I am placing my finger at minute 2:00 from the video. I think that's the air cleaner intake, but maybe I am wrong. 
Until I can go at my local Ford dealership to see about this problem (in 1 week) I want to get an idea about what can  it be.
Hope you guys can help me with some advice.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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