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Escort rs200 heater issue


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generic ideas not specific to your car.

is the coolant level at the right level (on some cars depending on heater matrix/hoses height lack of heat is a sign of low coolant level)

 Does temp guage get up to normal reading?

do the heater hoses to and from heater matrix get hot to touch?  (be careful you don't burn yourself on anything, nor get loose clothing caught in something under the bonnet)

Does the heater control know feel like it is actually moving something as opposed to having become disconnected behind the knob or at the other end of rod/cable.

is the coolant level at the right level

worst case scenario is heater matrix silted up but eliminate other things as this can be major work on some cars

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Have you recently bought the car or had it a while and know that it's worked fine in the past?

If just bought, could be that the previous owners have by-passed the heater matrix if it was leaking rather than replace it. New ones can be found pretty cheap.

The suggestion about the cable makes sense. Years ago I had as similar problem and eventually found the cable end had broken away so moving the controls did nothing.


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