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Focus mk3 Bluetooth replacement


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Hi all - done a few searches but nothing 100% answering my question, so grateful for any help.

I have a late 2011 UK Focus mk3 Titanium (Sony DAB radio). For a few months I noticed poor sound quality with the bluetooth audio, and one day it stopped connecting to the phone completely. Did the usual diagnostics of trying different phones, disconnecting battery etc. - no luck.

I took it to a main dealer and was quoted several hundred to have the bluetooth module replaced. This seemed high, and I was unimpressed by their service so decided to look elsewhere.

Replacement modules are available on eBay for part AM5T-14D212-EB for £25 or so.

So, questions:

Is this the right part for the vehicle?

Is it a DIY job? I would honestly rate my car maintenance skills as beginner level, although I'm fairly capable with electronics in general.

If not, could a local garage do it, or would it need to be a main dealer for programming codes etc?

Cheers for any help.  

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A 2011 Focus MK3 has the old bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. Depending on production date the car should have a module with part number 8M5T-19C112-Ax or CS7T-14D212-Ax (the x is the revision of the module and basically can be any letter). Both modules are technically interchangeable. Howver personally I would prefer the newer, more advanced CS7T-14D212-Ax module.


A module with part number AM5T-14D212-EB is a SYNC 1.0 module. SYC modules are not compatible with the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system.


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