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Oh, not too good with the old technical drawing malarkey so just thought id draw it out so i fully understand it, im off work tomorrow so will give it a try and get back to you. Thanks for your help @stef123 :)  

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@stef123 thanks for joining in mate I appreciate the backup, I work different hours each week aswell as spending time with family as result im not on here as much as used to be.

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10 hours ago, tomlong98 said:

No luck again, everything was wired up correctly so figure I must have a faulty radio. Waiting till pay day to buy another unit. Will update you then :) 

If you purchase a T10 bulb socket and crimp spade connectors on the end and plug it in to connections instead of radio,

Borrow the T10 W5W bulb from boot compartment light and see if bulb illuminates when it should.

this costs less than 5GBP you can use it later for footwell lighting if desired.

Worth trying to ensure everything is as it should be before purchasing a replacement headunit. 

here's a link to T10 bulb sockets link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/T10-W5W-501-SMD-CAR-PLUG-IN-LIGHT-LED-BULB-EXTENSION-SOCKET-HOLDER-/321938643069?var=&hash=item4af509d87d:m:mUq4Fknj27VCl2owgAyhndQ 

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6 hours ago, tomlong98 said:

@Lenny I used the siwtches LED to test if current was running through 

Thats True, 

Forgot about that, 

If you have any plans to upgrade Speakers or installed a SUB in the future, it's well worth considering a choice of aftermarket headunit such as Pioneer.

If interested theres a Guide on switching to aftermarket here: 


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