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Boost gauge


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Hi I want to fit a boost gauge to my car 

and ive been told to tap into 2 different pipes and want to make sure I get the right one 


been told old to tap into the pipe that comes of this nipple in the first picture 


and been told told to tap in to this pipe with the yellow arrow 

I don't want to get it wrong and I've also added a picture of the boost gauge I've got 





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17 hours ago, Pep91 said:

ive been told to tap into 2 different pipes

The finger on the line drawing seems to be pointing at a vacuum actuator fitting, which is totally wrong.

The red arrows on the photo are better. Anywhere in the fat pipes & hoses from the Turbo outlet, via the intercooler, to the Inlet manifold, will do. Normally it goes nearer the manifold, as it is there that the pressure matters, but unless the intercooler is blocked, it will make no difference to the visible reading. But the pipes will be cooler after the intercooler (Turbo exit temperature is well over 100C on full boost), so easier to make a reliable connection.

If you have to drill a pipe, a rigid plastic or metal one may be a better bet. Easier to make a seal. Rubber pipes will expand under 20PSI of boost, especially if hot.

Be very careful not to get any debris into the air intake system. It will go straight into the engine.

I have a boost gauge by tapping electrically into the signal from the MAP sensor, to an LED display. But that does require a bit of electronics knowledge, and I had to test the calibration of the MAP sensor. So it may not be the easiest solution.

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