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Headlight not turning on even though i changed it yesterday


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Hi people, 

so yesterday i got my ford focus sport 1.6L mk2 (reg 2011) from the repair garage back after my bonnet was locked and i needed to change my headlights as well.

my right headlight was out, told the guy to change the headlight as well and he did, when i picked up the car it was working and was bright and i was happy. 
early in the morning when i woke up the same headlight wasnt working and it's still not working. when i put it on it looks like the image below, every single light is working fine except for that 1 lamp (AGAIN) even tho its brand new? Anyone know what the problem could be?

Thanks for the help! i'm new to the forums :)


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i once bought a headlamp bulb, fitted it at lunctime at work. at end of day drove 33 miles home in dark and the bulb had blown again by the time i got home. got another new bulb and it was fine. Just one of those things - a dodgy bulb. it happened to me, it could happen to anyone. 

but it could also be the connector was not pushed on properly or a corroded connector or a blown fuse.........




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On 09/11/2016 at 7:00 AM, Russ said:

Bad or loose connection maybe?

Probably is, it keeps turning on and off when it wants to, sometimes i just get out the car and flick on it and it turns on 

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