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Help (non starter) focus 1.8 2008


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Thought it struggled to start this morming tbh.


Managed to drive home but just went to pop out...   And wont start, not turning over at all.  


All kinds of crazy messages on display,  "power steering malfunction", "transmission failure", outside temp says -60 deg c!!!


Could this be battery or alternator possibly,   gonna go and put it in diagnostics mode shortly and see if that sheds any light 

Any help appreciated.


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Headlights working and all interior lighting works, dash lights up.  Tried electric windows and were a bit slow closing.

Tried starting again and strange clicking when trying to start her but just not turning over at all.


Ran dash trick mode.


battery level says 10.8v. 

Then found all these dtc 

Dtc 900

Dtc e510

Dtc 5759


Hopefully just a battery issue as have had heated screens and air con in the recent weather spell.


Looks like a trip for the AA

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battery wasnt holding charge.  AA new battery fitted,all seems ok started her over a few times.   Only weird thing being the outside temp still saying -59 deg c and when trying to re program clock it wouldn't go past the year 2013.


Weird ?? 🤔

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well, problem is lack of charge in battery. could be duff battery, could be battery is flat as alternator not charging it.

If you can start it then ROUGH alternator check is: have car running on tickover, turn all stuff on that uses lot of power - headlights, rear screen demister, quickclear windscreen, heater fan. now increase the engine revs a bit. do the lights go brighter? if so, then it gives an indication that the alternator is doing something. 

this time of year when it suddenly gets cold is when loads of batteries that were on their last legs give up


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