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Intermittent Immobiliser Issue


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Hi All,

I've got a Ford Fusion 2008 1.4 petrol that's developed a rather frustrating issue.  Most of the time everything is fine, however on the 5th (ish) time when I try to start the car all the lights come on etc.. but it doesnt appear to even try and attempt to start (just dead) and the immobiliser light flashes rapidly.  The remote buttons always lock/unlock without issue.  If i take the key out and try again it usually starts.  However if I retry without switching off or removing the key it still fails.

A local locksmith took a look and said the key was ok, he said he wasnt sure what it wasm but suggesting it looked like an imobiliser or ignition switch issue.  And suggested changing the ignition switch first as it was cheaper.

Any idea what it could be or I could try?


Many thanks


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4 hours ago, detox1978 said:

the immobiliser light flashes rapidly.

Try googling PATS flash codes, or see:

It may give a clue as to why the immobiliser has a problem. I do not see how it can be the ignition key switch itself. However the PATS sensor coil is usually fitted directly around the ignition key barrel. That could be dodgy, possibly.


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Hi I had this problem this time last year after much fiddling etc I tested battery and found it was failing.  Get battery tested to illuminate it if it is failing it will require changing anyway if you have a code reader it will give a low battery voltage code,. Hope this helps

regards jim

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I have a 2012 fusion and I'm getting a p1602 code the car will start and run tell you put in gear and try to drive then it lights up the wrench and starts to shake and go no where tell you turn it off and restart then it does it all over again 

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It could be a fault with the instrument cluster. Next time it happens give the top of the dashboard a hard 'thump' with your hand above the IC, and see if there is any change in the fault.

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