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Audio unit AUX problem


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I've got a problem with my 2009 Fiesta's audio unit and am hoping someone may have some advice. I should point out, this is NOT one of the SYNC units but the system prior to that.

I'm finding that when listening to audio from an MP3 player via a cable plugged into the AUX port, the sounds cuts out and the only way to bring it back is to switch the car's audio system off and then back on again. But then the audio cuts off again about 20 seconds later. I've tried different cables and a different MP3 player to eliminate those possibilities.

Meanwhile, the radio works fine and doesn't cut off at all. It's just when I have something connected to the AUX port.

Also, I don't know if it's connected, but I've noticed recently that the unit 'forgets' my bluetooth paired phone. 

Any ideas anyone?


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