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Mk4: is my engine fuel-injected?!


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I'm going to ask this stupid question then skulk off because I'd rather be safe than sorry...

Last week I bought a near-perfect 1989 Mk4 Escort 1.6 Ghia with under 54,000 miles on the clock.  I didn't ask too many questions because I thought I knew what I was getting...until I picked up a manual and discovered I might have bought a fuel-injected model and not the carb model I assumed it was...

August 1989 1.6 Ghia - is it EFI or carb?  Haynes seems to think the only 1.6 engine is the fuel-injected RS Turbo, and I'm definitely not driving around an RS Turbo...

A couple of pointers: it needs a small (very small) steady press on the pedal to cold start, and stalls if started with too much pedal then left to idle.  Fast idle kicks in after a couple of seconds (if it hasn't stalled), and runs perfectly after that.  Also, the seller told me that if coming back to it after more than 1-2 weeks I probably needed to pump the accelerator twice before turning the key.  Sounds like carb to me but the manual suggests otherwise...

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