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What spark plugs for a 1.8 petrol 2008 Focus ?

The Joshua Tree

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It's probably been asked before, what spark plugs would be best to put into a 1.8 petrol Titanium on a 2008 plate ?

While I'm here to save starting another thread does it matter what oil and air filter you use, if their are preferences feel free to suggest some.


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I'm pretty sure the gap is 1.3mm for your engine, make, ngk for me all day every day. Oil wise, 5w 30, personally I use Castrol magnatec, others will have their own pref. Air filter stock is fine, again I run a pipercross washable filter as always run them on all my cars. 

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I rang Opie oils earlier as NGK codes can be a bit of a nightmare with so many variants, as an example i put all my details into their system and it came back with an NGK iridium plug for my car but it was wrong, it was for an LPG version. The person at Opie Oils got the same result back and he said that's wrong, he rang NGK and came back with the version which is right for my car which is apparently NGK 4477

It's this one on the link below


Are those the best iridium ones around as i thought NGK iridium plugs were around £14 - £20 per plug depending where you shopped, these ones are just £6.50 per plug and a 4 pack costs £24.95

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