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So I am thinking of trying to do an iPad mini mod to my MK I Focus.  I am going to purchase a new facia and modify it to fit an iPad mini - it will take some work but it shouldn't be too problematic - I am planning to fit the mini where the head unit usually goes and use magnets to hold it in place but also allow it to be released and removed from the car (so it is not stolen).

My question however is how to rig the iPad Mini up to the car's Speakers.  I understand I might be able to do this with an amplifier with a bluetooth chip mod but I am not really sure where to start with regards to fitting the amp.  Will I be able to fit the amp behind the dash (there should now be space where the original head unit used to be) or will I need to fit it elsewhere and run the cables?  (I would prefer not to run cables away from the dash if possible).

Has anyone else tried this?  I think it would be a really neat way to replace the old tape deck head unit I have in the mk1 to give me maps and access to music,video, internet etc. with a decent resolution touch screen.  Also with the release system it can easily be removed for "in hand" use either for typing in locations or for a passenger to watch movies, use the internet etc.

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3 hours ago, williamweb said:

I know very little about electronics and this will probably confirm it lol but will the magnets interfere with the iPad circuitry,just saying.

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No the iPad case has magnets in it.

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I was going to fit a tablet to my car - i had the project about half way there and found issues with ground loops, along with auto powering the tablet. Obviously this won't be an issue if you're planning on it being removable. I was going to mount everything in an electrical box behind the tablet in the Dash with custom power/car interface circuitry I made using an arduino...

Basically - it's doable, just keep at it! There is suitable wiring at the radio connector for everything you would wish to do.

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